Monday, August 28, 2006


It's been a's the catch up.
Wed. I left w/ the usually suspects (+ another) for the hard ride. It was RS Tim Cote and Fred from BGI. RS was doing intervals and we used South Shore as the route. Basically, on any flat part of the route RS rode in his hardest gear about 27mph and we stayed in tow. Then we "just rode" up the hills and talked, etc. It was good one and I felt much better than I expected to. I had almost planned on getting dropped the way I’ve been riding, but I hung.
The rest of the week was normal, w/ the hill int. ride for me Thurs; and a short/easy Fri.
Yesterday I rode at Brown County St Park by myself. Lindsay was going to go, but her ankle was messed up (more on that). I rode a little over two hours and started to feel tired. I had planned on doing a third lap, but I just wasn’t feeling it. It was really humid and pretty hot, which it hasn’t been, so getting re-acclimated to the conditions took more out of me too. It was an okay ride, not great. It rained some the night before and was a little wetter than I thought it would be, but it was okay.
Lindsay crashed racing at West Wood Park last weekend and put a good gash on her shin. She cleaned it really well and left it opened to bleed out any bacteria, and kept cleaning it regularly. But the other day her ankle on the same leg got a big bruise on it and she hadn’t done anything to it and it didn’t hurt or anything, it just appeared. So we went to the Dr. yesterday afternoon and he said it was infected around the wound and blood had been draining into her ankle, causing the bruise and swelling. He gave her a tetanus shot and some antibiotics and she should be fine (though her arm was really sore from the shot). A little scary though, when a huge bruise show up w/ no reason to.
So my parents were planning on coming down to hang out yesterday, but we put it on hold until next weekend, as I had no idea how long we would be at the Dr. We were there for long time (waiting), so it was good call.
Today was usual Monday spin out on rollers. I felt much better than I expected to for as worked as I felt yesterday after riding. I have only a few (or couple, really) more weeks of real training left, then it’s JRA (just riding along) time; less focus, loose agenda. That’s good ‘cause I’m losing my focus anyway just due to the time I’ve spent training. It’s been a pretty good year for me though.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Alrighty, I didn’t get last after all! On the "non official" results posted at the race I was listed as last, but on the "official" results online I’m 20th out of 26 starters. # people DNF’d (did not finish) and I finished ahead of three others. Still not my best performance, but not as bad as I thought.
I felt like total waste today riding. I had no legs and could not go hard. I decided to go alone due to my effort Sunday and I’m glad I did. I would have been dropped by my normal Tuesday morning crew. I ate two eggs instead of my normal one this a.m. to try to rebuild whatever’s gone in my legs, so we’ll see how that works out.
I may not race the IN stage race this weekend after all due to some financial constraints. I have a couple bills due and it’s $50, I think, plus gas and stuff. The way I’m feeling right now, that’s just fine w/ me, I’ll probably be on form by the weekend though and cursing my empty pockets. Maybe I’ll ride MTB @ BCSP or something.

Monday, August 21, 2006

The balance of things

Every contest has a winner. Likewise, every contest has (a) loser (sometimes several). All races have a first place finisher and a last place finisher. The last place finisher this weekend was me.
My excuse:
Westwood is notorious for being one big, long lap. The pal is itself about 10 miles, where a usual race course lap is closer to 5. At WW we were doing 3 laps for an ~30 mile race. The weather was perfect, cool, breezy, sunny, couldn’t be better. The trail was perfect as well, dry, not a single wet spot, if anything it was too dry (too dusty) in places. I usually go ride 1 lap of the course before the race to get a feel for it and refresh my memory of trouble spots. I didn’t really want to ride a whole 10mile lap to "warm up," but I did against my judgement. I knew I had made a mistake when I saw not another sole out there, but WW offers nowhere to turn in early as the course goes around the lake. If you turn off, you go into the lake. So by the time I finished pre-riding, I had been out nearly an hour and ridden about 10 miles and had about 10 minutes before I had to start er back up. Due to me cutting it fairly close, I forgot to take off my wedding ring, which pretty much has to come off to race MTB, as my grips and riding style cause it to dig into my finger and cause a) discomfort and b) me to mess w/ it constanly nearly sending into countless trees/gullies. Basically the cards weren't really good from the beginning.
My first and second laps were good, but at the beginning of the third, I knew it was a "just finish the f***ker" scenario. Anyone who came behind me I just pulled out of their way and let them by w/ no fight whatsoever. I knew I was done and didn’t want to hold up anyone else. SO I got beat by people that I usually beat, but I rode four laps of WW, and that’s serious business. Especially w/ three of them @ race pace (well, two and a half anyway).
So that was my weekend. And as for my title, well, someone has to be last. It’s the balance of things.
Big ups to my brother Evin who is now officially engaged to his long time girlfriend Lisa the librarian.

Friday, August 18, 2006

The Week

It’s been about a week, but I was gone to Chicago last weekend and Monday, so here’s my catch up.
Saturday Lindsay took me to Indy to get the bus to Chitown. We were looking for bus station, but it just left from a bus stop, so it was hard to find, but we did. The trip there was perfect. Straight shot, 3 hours exactly. I brought my Ipod and some magazines, so I was good. When I got there we walked around the city for a few hours and checked stuff out. I looked at the Sears Tower (and about fell over backwards, that thing is tall), we went to Millenium Park, which is a new park, I believe finished in 2004, in the heart of downtown. It’s really cool and has a lot of cool art-arcitecture. It wasa really nice day, so it was hella packed. Then still while downtown we ate at a Chicago deep dish pizza joint called Giordano’s or something. It was good. We got the deep dish spinach pie. We walked around downtown a little more, then took the subway to Evin’s place, about 2.5 miles w/nw of downtown. This was my first time on a subway and it was shoulder-to-shoulder packed with people. Most were wearing White Sox gear, so we figured a game had gotten out, but I’m not sure it’s baseball season right now. Anywho, Evin said that it is usually not so full and that was the busiest he’s seen it. We hung out at his place for awhile then walked around his borough (called Wicker Park) for a while, checking out record and book stores. Then we went to a Thai joint to eat and everything I ordered had some ingredient that I was allergic to. I wanted to steer away form the things I normally get at Thai places, but the first, like, 3 things I ordered had either oyster sauce or shrimp base, so I just stuck to safe old Pad Thai, which I seem to always end up with.
The next day was the day of the X/Rollins Band concert we were going to at The House of Blues. We grabbed a breakfast bite at a place called The Milk and Honey CafĂ©. Pretty good, but a little pricey. It was all we could find opened though. Then we went to the beach on Lake Michigan and hung for a while. It was nice and very big. After cruising around the beach we went to Greek Town and ate Gyro’s for lunch. Then we chilled at Evin’s pad for awhile and left for the show. The show totally rocked. Rollins was awesome, but I’ve seen them a few times (or maybe once??) before. I had never seen X and was blown away. They are amazing. Their guitar player, Billy Zoom, is as impressive as Pearlman on violin.
Then Sunday we walked around UIC, where Evin is working on his Masters, ate lunch in Greek Twon again, but at a place called Taco/Burrito King, which ruled, and I hit Union Station to wait for the bus. The bus ride back was not a fluid as there, with 2 stops. Our last stoop was in Zionsville, which is about 5 miles form Indy, so I was anxious to get going again. Finally we did, and here I am ( a few days later).
Tues: Rode State Forest loop hard, but solo, not knowing how the three days I took off wold leave me. I flet good and rode strong, I should have called people.
Wed: Rode Bottom Road loop @ tempo, but slightly higher tempo, ‘cause I still felt good.
Thurs: 4 hills ride, good, still feeling it.
Fri (today): Normal short easy day, felt sluggish. Maybe to be expected. Should have backed off last couple days. Oh well, tomorrow’s off, then MTB racin Sunday.
Man, that’s a long post. Sorry (and thanks) to those who have made it this far.

Friday, August 11, 2006

They did it again

Slayer’s new album came out this week and, once again, they’ve hit it on point. You think after 20 odd years of thrashing they’d be slowing down, but they’re still doing it like they’re youngsters. They’re still rocking in the (what I consider) 3rd stage of their sound, which started in 1994 w/ Divine Intervention album. Their other two phases, for those of you interested in my "history of Slayers sound(s)" lesson, is the first (‘83-’86), which is their totally thrashing, screaming metal phase. Second (‘86-93) hears a more mature 80’s early 90’s metal sound, but heavier than anything else that is even partially mainstream. And here we are (94-present) in their 3rd phase. Still thrashing, but older and wiser and never having compromised.
My week is over and I missed wed’s ride completely, shortened Tuesday, but was normal yesterday and today. Then it’s off to Chicago for a few days tomorrow. We’re going to see Rollins band and X at the House of Blues tomorrow night, hanging out Sunday, then I leave Monday.
The following weekend is the DINO MTB race at Westwood park, then the weekend after that is the IN stage race in Indy, which I will likely do. It’s a RR (though only a 2.5 mile course, so really a circuit race), then a 5 mile TT later Sat, then a crit Sunday. I know I have a no crit policy, but this has sweeping turns, rather than 90* w./ curbs and crap, so it should be (relatively) safe. That’s the plans…

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


This is no doubt and abbreviated week for me. W/ my trip up to Chicago and no racing, I am being lenient on the weeks work-outs.
Sunday I raced the IN St RR Championships and, I am not the IN St RR Champion. I am 8th down the line. This was decided on a course that definitely didn’t suite me well in Fishers, IN. The race was 6 laps over a 8.6mile course. So it was about 50 miles and climber 800 feet total (keep in mind, there are climbs down here that are around 300 feet in, like, 2 miles), so it was flat. It had one "hill" on the backside that probably took, say, 10 seconds to complete. This course profile kept the field together for the most part despite my (and others ) hard runs on the front trying to break it up. Add to this that the finish was an about ¾ miles, dead flat, wide open drag race down a highway, and my chances go pretty much down the drain. The last lap I spent most of on the front trying and trying to spread it out, as I knew hitting the ‘drag strip’ w/ a few guys would be my best chance, but to no avail. We hit the corner all intact. Of course, people started going way early and blowing up, so I made up some positions there (just by being smart), and crossed the line 8th. The race was taken my teammate Myron Lewis, who I turned out, really, to be working for, as he has a much stronger sprint than I do. So my work on the front was not for nothing, as it help him stay fresh and others have to scramble to stay in touch. And I could have jockyed in for another position or two, but in the mix of a 20 man sprint is not my place. So I stayed seated and pedaled my butt off and held my line.
Monday, then, was a nice recovery roller ride, although I didn’t feel bad at all after Sunday (maybe I didn’t go hard enough??).
Then Tuesday we had a planned morning ride w/ Ryan et. all, but the radar scared off everyone. I went out for a short (~17mile) solo jaunt and packed it in, as the sky was dark. I went into work early and that was that.
Today the radar is scarring me off, so I think I’m going to bag riding and go in early again. I hope to get in Thurs and Fri’s rides before leaving for IL. Then the following weekend is second to last MTB race of the year, so from IL it’s back to the training. I can use these few days off I’m taking. Even though I worry about being off, I know it’s not a problem, I’m just pretty obsessive about it all.

Friday, August 04, 2006

The Drunk on My Couch

So, w/ Lindsay’s new job she gets up earlier then me now. Yesterday she got up, went downstairs and came right back up. I was thinking as this was happening "what is she doing?" She woke me up and asked "do you know who the guy on our couch is?" I said "no." So I got up and got my knife that I carry (I hadn’t an idea what I was going to walk into), told her to wait upstairs and cam downstairs to find "a dude" on our couch, in his underwear, asleep. I did a quick survey of the scene and everything appeared in order (even the door was locked, which it obviously hadn’t been the night before, but the stranger DID lock it behind him). So, I try to wake him up by saying "dude," "dude." He opens his eyes, but shuts them right back. So I shake him some and say "dude, time to wake up". W/ this he sits up and I ask "do you know where you are?" him "do I know where I am?" me "I don’t think you do, you’re in my apt and I don’t know you." Him "aw man." Me "where are your cloths, dude?" him "aw man." Me "do you know where your pants are?" him "no man, it’s all good" (this turned out to be the only phrase he would say). So I walk over to the kitchen to further survey the scene and his pants are on the kitchen floor. Me "dude, I found your pants." He gets up to put them on and I ask "where’s your shirt?" him "aw man, it’s all good." Me "no man, your shirts not around here." I check to bathroom, behind the couch, etc and can’t find his shirt. I say "you didn’t go upstairs did you?" And he starts to head up the stairs to check and I stop him and say "you wait here, I’ll check upstairs" which I do, and can’t find a shirt. So I come right back down stairs and he’s back asleep so I get him up again and ask if needs to use the phone. Him "no man, it’s all good." Me "do you want me to call you a cab?" him "no man, it’s all good." Me "do you want me to get some water?" Him "no man, I’m cool." Me "do you need to use the bathroom." Him "no man, it’s cool." And I’m trying to be civil, but in my mind at this point I’m thinking, ‘well than get the f**k out!" I ask "do you have a car?" Hi "yeah it my sisters." Me "do you have the keys?" Him "yeah." So I extend my hand, help him up and, basically, push him out the door.
That was my morning yesterday. This situation could have been way worse for all parties involved. I like to consider myself a good, helping person and I try to act accordingly, but this dude could have stumbled into a place and gotten himself shot or beaten, or whatever. And our door (apparently) being unlocked could have (worst case) had some robber/killer wander in, or (still pretty bad case) this drunk dude could have puked all over and peed on the couch, etc... And I weren’t as cool under pressure as I ~try to be~, I could have called the cops first, and let them deal w/ it.
I’m guessing the dude either lives in this complex or stays w/ friends/girlfriend here and just got the wrong door. Poor irresponsible drunk.
Training wise I’ve gotten in a full week. I almost felt I could have wore arm warmers today. It was 66* when I left and it has been close to 90*. What a huge change.
I am going to race road this weekend, but I may need a small personal loan to afford gas to get to Indy. I’m glad I got my bus ticket to Chicago already ‘cause w/ gas jumping to $3.19 here and $3.49 in Chi-town, tix may go up too.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Hot couple of days

I’m not one to complain about heat (just cold), but I will mention it. It is HOT. And because a cooler front is moving I, it has been a windy past couple of days too. Yesterday I rode the Paragon loop alone and sweated tons. I was popping E-Caps (electrolite tablets) like candy. I don't sweat much, in general, but I was soaked head to toe and lost about 5 lbs in the 2:15 it took to ride the loop. I was starting to fade from the heat toward the end, which made me glad I was solo, so I could just roll in at my own pace. I knew at 4:00 this morning it took a lot out me because I woke up to pee and my legs were sore. That and, as I mentioned before, I can feel my in-season form waning. I usually schedule a few days off in July, but since I’m going up to Chicago to hang w/ my brother next week, I’m calling that my few days off instead. It’s coming later than usual, which is probably why I have that ‘not so fresh’ feeling. Plus I’m nursing what is 100% the worst saddle sore I’ve ever had. It’s been there nagging almost all year, but hardly even noticeable. That all changed after Sunday’s MTB race. That sucker got inflamed to hurts-to-sit-on-a-chair level and a mixture of showering, Gold Bond Medicated Powder and Assos Chamios Cream (no high mileage rider should be w/out this stuff) have gotten it back to normal in a few days time w/out costing me any rid time (just a couple uncomfortable rides).
Today I rode the Bottom Rd loop and rode a lot better than I expected to. Before I left the plan was sub-tempo, but I felt good and was pedaling fast, so I went w/ that instead. I have been drinking tons on the bike lately w/ the heat. I usually take a big bottle and a small bottle w/ me and don’t even finish the big bottle, but I’ve been taking 2 bigs and draining them both.
The weekend is supposed to cool down, so I’m still planning on IN St RR Champs Sunday.