Thursday, November 29, 2007

So far this week off 2007 I've...

Worked on my TT bike (which hasn’t been ridden in months), cleaned BOTH bathrooms, ran cable to the downstairs TV (and nailed the splitters to ceiling joists) and did dishes.
I also got a new litter box, which is a pretty cool one . My liittermaid electric box crapped out on me and they wouldn’t warranty it (2 yrs old), so I had to go to the drawing board.
I’m looking forward to getting back training next week. Monday is an ~5 mile run, then standard sit-up routine. I need to incorporate a few back exercises into this mix, since I hurt my back in Sept. That put me out for a week and I still feel the effects of that to this day. I really don’t want a repeat of that injury.
I’m going to go see The Knitters play in Indy Sunday evening, so that should be a good send off to "planned week off 2007," which is far better than "forced week off 2007 due to back injury/ MTB crash."

Monday, November 26, 2007

I'm back baby!

…for now at least. We’ll see if I get too bored again, and don’t want to put the time into bogging.
I had a pretty normal/typical summer/year. I guess the biggest deviation form ‘normalcy’ would be that Lindsay and I bought a house here in B-Town. It’s a nice bungalow style I guess, maybe a square ranch, I don’t know, but built in 1920. It’s 90th B-day is around the corner. We’ve been living here since late June/early July I think. Winter weather is here, and it’s cold, but the furnace seems to work fine, if you’re not to frugal to turn the thing up that is!
On the riding front, again, pretty typical. I rode a lot, raced a lot, etc. I have a touch over 5,000 miles (5,112 according to my watch) and a touch under 400 hrs (383) for the year so far. I started my annual ‘week off’ today, so next week it’s back to cross training w/ weights, running and biking. I want to have a good 2008 because I feel like my 2007 was mediocre at best. I was competitive, but I don’t think anyone was afraid of me.
My 08 plan is to focus on road racing and do just a couple MTB here-and-there. I started cycling as a roady in college, but have been pretty exclusive racing MTB for the past several years; I just want a change of scenery.
So I plan to train hard this winter, even indoors, which is my weak spot. I tend to just go through the motions indoors, but our house has a full basement, in which we have set up trainer, rollers, exercise ball, chin up bar, T.V., etc, so I have a "facility" of sort to train.
Well, it’s cold and 38*, I have to get dressed to get to work. I haven’t had out my rain gear for while, so I have to dust it off for the commute.