Monday, March 31, 2008

One race down. Whole season to go.

I had a pretty slow week, because I have a cold. I basically have been training through it, but lower volume and lower overall intensity. I left work early on Thursday, I just felt too bad. I stayed in bed for ~17hrs, which ruled and I think was good for me. I actually had a decent outside ride Wed, but had just 5 hours in going into the weekend.
So I (somewhat reluctantly) went to Oxford, OH to race Sunday. The reluctance came form my being sick and it being cold and rainy. The brave soldiers we are, we went. It rained. It was cold. It was windy. It was a true spring race. It was fast and I had little top end due to my cold. I won’t bore w/ all the details, but the Cat III’s were all together for the final two laps and w/ two to go, I found myself in a four man break away that failed, then on the last lap found myself off the front solo, was reeled in by three guys, none of whom would work w/ each other to stay off to take 1-2-3-4, so we were caught and I finished in the bunch. I’d guess around 13th. Whatever, the conditions were far less than ideal, I was sick (I clearly like using that excuse) and I hung. Blah.
So starts a new week w/ rain forecasted as far as the computer can see. More inside riding. That’s probably good so I can lower my intensity and kill this cold.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

And it ain't over yet...

I have ridden trainer 23 sessions and rollers 41 sessions. That's 64 indoor sessions and I'm sure I'm not done w/ them yet.
My lower back has been bothering me all week. And I've been fighting off a cold (scratchy throat, etc) for just over a week. I have been chugging Echinatia Tea and taking Echinatia lozenges, but it's (the cold) trying to get me.
Damn it.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Today sucked. My normal Sunday crew bailed on a road ride, so I went out w/ some Team Tortuga teamsters. We did a really great route I’ve never done before, but what a miserable day. It never got over 40 and snowed hard a few times. Add a stiff wind to that and you have a terrible day to ride. Oh well, it was a good ride and I rode hard. It was good race simulation type riding, with (myself) being attacked on hills and having to respond; a sharp contrast form tucking in behind RS and taking an occasional pull. Today was not nearly as hard of a ride, just different. But good.
The week was spent inside training 100%. Today was a touch under 3 hrs, I got in a touch over 11 hrs. Indoor training is killing me. I am, at this point, dragging my bones onto the trainer. Once I get going, I don’t ~really~ have a problem, but getting on is barely happening. I plan to take this week easy(er) for mental health’s sake. I’ll likely put in ~8hrs. I am racing Sunday in OH, so a little R&R can’t hurt anyway.
1 other thing from the week:
I saw my favorite band, X, Tuesday in Indy. It was awesome. I’ve only seen them (as X, I’ve seen the members in they’re various other projects) once. I was determined to stay in the front of the show, even though I was pretty sure a mosh pit would be forming behind me. It did, but I held my ground (a 130lb weakling such as myself doesn’t fair to well in a punk mosh pit). So meat-heads thrashing me aside, the show was great. A+.
So, easy-ish week, then first race of the year!
Hopefully this sh!t weather is done for.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Just one of those days...

In a good way though. One of those days where it all came together. Today was, in my memory, The best I’ve ever ridden and felt on the bike; too bad it wasn’t a race day though. We rode ~60miles and I woke up feeling good. I finally slept good and felt ready to ride well. I was feeling like I wanted to ride over to Nashville and over Bear Wallow hill to get in the 60 or so we did, but hit what is my favorite climb around here. I was pulling really strong and climbing really strong. I opened a gap on the way back on a smaller, but tough hill and never looked back. I’m not one to be boastful, so let’s just leave it at I rode the last 15 or so miles alone, but not off the back. Killer.
I rode outside two other times this week and they were awesome rides too. I have been riding really good and above where I normally do lately. There’s one thing I’ve changed in my routine, and that’s the Ultragen I’ve been drinking post hard rides. I don’t know if this is the reason for my super-adam strength, but it’s the only X factor.
With all that, two lifting sessions and some indoor riding, I got in over 12 hrs, so it’s been another solid week.
That’s all I can think of right now. Well, that and the enormous pile of dishes I have waiting for me to get cleaned before I go to bed, so I’m off.
Enjoy the weather (I am)!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

LET ME OUT(side)!

Well, the weather took another dump on us this week. But today turned out okay; but just okay.
I had some very good trainer workouts this week. I was reluctant to put my leg over the bike to get on, but once I got going, it was all good. I am getting cabin fever big time. I’m ready for consistent outside riding.
Today (Sun) FR, RS and I decided to ride all the way out hwy 446 and back because this road, being a hwy, was sure to be cleared and snow free. This is a (relatively) flat 52mile ride. I had in mind a moderate tempo ride. We killed it (of course). It was a nasty headwind going out, which we hammered into, and a stiff tail wind coming back. I know one would think ‘stiff tail wind, sweet!’, not so much the case when you’re riding w/ a plow horse like RS. See, you don’t really get much draft benefit with a tail wind, so when he is riding 28-34mph, it is basically raw power to stay on. My 132lb, chicken leg self just doesn’t have the power that his 185lb, tree trunk leg self has. That = me having to work doubly hard to not get dropped. Well, I stayed on, AND pulled up hills. This is great road race training for me, so I’ll take it. However, I felt like I had been beaten for 30minutes with a aluminum baseball bat when I got home, so I hit the Ultragen drink stuff I got and hope for the best tomorrow; it worked last week, so fingers crossed!
Today’s ride was about 1 hour shorter than I wold have liked, but also about twice as hard, so I only got in 11hrs this week. That is fine.
On the project front: I made a hook-hanger thing for my spare race wheels, which are kept in wheel bags. This way their off the (cold) ground and hanging. I also made a closet rod thing for the spare room closet, which houses my cycling jackets, vest, various warmers, helmets and such. It had a rod in it, but that as running long ways, so I made one going cross ways out of a old broom stick and a 2x2. I know these "projects" are simple by most standards, but hey, DYI has to start somewhere!?!
Looks like spring is nearly here (I hoe that didn’t jinx it).

Monday, March 03, 2008

Good cap to a not-so-great week

Yesterday was off the chain. It was 70* here. Windy as a mother, but nice. We rode the Hoosier Hills 100k (62mile) route (which was actually closer to 65miles). We had a good group of the Indy Praters, Tim C and Ryan S. We hammered it. I think the nice weather got into everyone’s mind and legs and made for a real barn-burner. This 65mile ride has ~3400’ of climbing, most of which is in the middle of it. We had a rolling av speed of 20.0 even with the wind (which, in all fairness, was at our back ~some~ of the time).
The rest of my week was spent inside, but I had some very good trainer workouts.
I got in my 12hrs and feel good. I was tired by Friday evening’s roller spin, but after 42 hrs of work and 6 workouts, that’s to be expected.
I got out this morning (Monday) for a touch under an hour for a little recovery ride, and now I’m bracing for another dip into the crap weather. It be over soon.
I drank a bottle of Optygen (or was it Ultragen?) recovery stuff post ride yesterday and felt great this a.m. I think I’m going to get some of that stuff. It’s a little pricey, but I should have felt at least some discomfort after a ride like that, but I was fine.