Sunday, June 29, 2008

It must be the crank.

Two TT’s this week, and two PR’s. A customer switched from the Dura-Ace crank pictured to a compact set up and made me an offer I couldn’t refuse to take this off his hands. Just say I paid about 1/3 of it’s wholesale cost and it’s not very used.
I mentioned last post I PR’d the 10mile TT by ~10 seconds.
Today I PR’d the Monrovia 40k by ~3minutes! I went a 55.55, which for the mathematically challenged (me) is a touch over 26mph for the TT. That’s fast for me. It’s faster than I expected to go. I basically have decided that my TT style is to be high gear, low(er) RPM. It totally has been working. I am traditionally a high RPM, lower gear rider, but TT’ing is faster for me this way. I owe this enlightenment to the Wed. strength intervals I’ve been doing. They’re really helping me get stronger (faster).
So needless to say I’m very pleased w/ my race today. So pleased I was inclined to do pretty much nothing the rest of today. I watched some Moto GP (Nicky Hayden ALMOST got back on a podium), some Olympic trials and some other general crappy T.V.
I have some muscle soreness from riding in the TT position so hard for an hour, but 1) that’s to be expected and 2) I’m assuming the Ultragen and other protein(s) I consumed today will take care of that by morning.
Next weekend is the AMBC MTB race at Muskatatuck Park in North Vernon. I like this course and usually do pretty well there, but it’s such a big race that the field is pretty stacked. We’ll see.
I have to cut my hair tonight. It’s bugging me.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What do you do when it pours seconds before your ride???

You take 3 minutes, a milk carton and a pair if scissors, make yourself a fender and JFR!I got as far as opening the garage door this a.m. and it started pouring rain. I made a fender and rode pretty much as scheduled. I had a ride of four hill climbs on tap, but the rain caused me to loose ~20-30min (okay, 3 to make the fender and I waited for the rain to stop falling), so I shortened it to three hills. Still a good workout.
Yesterday I set another PR for our 10mile TT @ MMSF. I went a 23.23 w/ no aero helmet AND I pulled out of my pedal at the start due to my shoe cover being over my cleat which caused a near crash; not bad. There was no wind at all, so you could really ride the course and not have to fight the wind ever.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

McCormick's Creek RR- (racing's the best training)

This is my HR file from the race av speed 23.6, not bad for a course w/ a descent climb.

I didn't win today. I did however, ride the front of the group THE WHOLE race, chased down nearly EVERY move anyone made and rode really hard. I was feeling like crap in the morning, which is usually a good sign for the day (it seems backwards, and is, but when I feel good I do bad, and vice versa, usually).
We had four guys in our race, which was awesome, but other teams kept having guys go off the front (otf), and have another guy sit on the front going slow, so no one would chase their guy down, so I ended up chasing down almost every move, then just staying on the front. I probably spent too much energy, but whatever, I rode hard, got 11th (1 place out of money) and got a good workout.
Yesterday was the Bloomington Grand Prix Criterium race, which I volunteered to work at to have a good excuse to not do it, as I don’t’ like racing crits. It was a good event, w/ a lot of spectators and athletes, and only 2 people were taken away on stretchers! (did I mention I don’t like doing crits?) Anywho, a couple of our friends were down for it, so we hung out/ate and stuff afterwards. It was a nice evening.
Training week went well. I got out Wed for my TT strength intervals, and up’ed my RPM to ~70-75 to make it harder, which is about perfect. I feel like these will do me good in building more muscle.
Tuesday a few of us rode out w/ RS who was doing his intervals, so I sat on during his ~26-32mph intervals, then tried to attack on hills, then let them go around me @ ~28mph and get back on. This is really good fast twitch training.
I may try to get in a 40k TT next Sunday.
I’m tired and super hungry right now.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

All about the cheddar

I got our government cheese yesterday. I had plans for it, then one of the cats had to have gull-bladder surgery which ate up most of it. I got my single speed commuter bike (C-Dale Capo, red) w/ the rest. Now I can pay for those two things. Having a dedicated commuter is awesome, as I was riding my CX race bike as my commuter 6 days/week. Now it can be a racing bike and I have a dedicated commuter. Sweet!

Sunday I rode my favorite hill in these parts, Bear Wallow Hill (pictured). Again, it doesn't look like much in the pic, but this side (south bound) is ~1mile, climbs ~300feet and takes around 5min. Southbound leads you to main street Nashville, where you can gawk at toursists before heading out to Helmsburg rd, your next formidable climb. This really is one of my favorite rides, ~60miles w/ some godd climbing.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Lumberjack 100

Endurance MTB superstar Chris Etough may get the #1 plate...

but he still has to carry his own crap to the pits!
I rode a lap of the short course (8miles) on Friday.

Lindsay pre-race.


We were hesitant as to whether the weather would allow this race to happen or not. I was along for support, not to race, so I was the driver to North-west Michigan. Long, stressful story short, they got pounded by storms the day before we were to arrive, our hotel reservation was cancelled due to flooding/no power, and all roads leading to the course were closed due to out bridges. We made it via detour suggested by a MI State officer, and the race was on. We found a place to stay (a cabin in B.F.E., Michigan [I’ve seen FAR too many horror movies to be very comfortable staying in a middle-of-nowhere cabin on Friday the 13th]). But all went well (i.e.: we weren’t murdered by the toothless owner/maintenance guy, Riley).
The race however, not so well. Lindsay wasn’t feeling good racing, probably due a toxic mix of pre race day travel stress, lack of DBR (day before race) sleep, etc. She dropped out after a lap (which is still 25 miles of MTBing) and we headed home. Good news is we got home late evening instead of ~4am, as scheduled. I’m proud her all the same for trying.
I pulled off a solid training week despite 2 days of travel. Just under 11 hours, and some good quality too. This weekend is McCormick’s Creek road race.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

McCormick’s Creek Preview

This is the climb on the McCormick’s Creek RR course. It doesn’t look like much from the photo, and if one’s motivated, it is a big ring climb, but it’s a three stepper.
Today, however, there was a ~30mph headwind on the climb and the road leading up to it, and it was ~90*, so it was like riding into a giant hairdryer. Basically, it was a pedal-as-hard-as-you-can 14-17mph death march, and the opposite side of the course was a la-de-da 29-35mph casual cruise w/ the tailwind.
I think I rode 6 laps, which w/ riding out and back gave just under 3hrs. I was afraid of water all over, since reports were Spencer, IN was mostly under water, but there were very minor signs of flooding.
I feel quite wasted due to the heat, so it’s been a lying around watching Moto G.P. day since.
I need to mow the yard, but I decided it’s too hot. I’ll do it tomorrow.
Hopefully this god-forsaken weather ends so we can get into routine training. Moreover, so people can get their lives together after their respective weather disasters.

Saturday, June 07, 2008


Wuthefux up w/ this weather? It has rained waaay too much.
Wednesday I did my planned on-the-bike-strength workout...ON THE TRAINER! (June 4th, for the record, on the trainer) It was a good workout, I must say, but riding inside in June is rubbish.
Thursday me, ryan, Fred, Tim and Ren-jay (basically, Bike Garage and I) went out and rode the whole distance of Hwy 446. This is a ~52mile ride that RS loves to kill. he was out for blood after being shut down by the weather the past few days. It was hot too. Anyway, a super fast, just hang on and don't get dropped ride was the bill for this one. I rode superbly, took a few pulls, rode the front on the hills, and hung in everyhwere else. It was a killer workout.
Friday was an easy sub-tempo day to prepare for todays RR in Fishers. My normal Friday route was under water, so a minor tweak, no prob.
Then I got geared up left for the IN St RR this morning...It took me about an hour to get to Martinsville due to the storms. I pulled over, called the RD who said "it's on." I plugged along north, but it was just too bad, cloud-to-ground ligtning, tons of rain and I was hydroplaning everywhere; I turned around and came home. Even if he doesn't cancel the race (which as of now, 7:30am he hasn't, but I think he will have to), it would be miserable.
So for, me it's off. I guess I'll work today instead.
Tomorrow I plan to go out to the McCormick's Creek road race course and bust a few laps to re-familiarize myself w/ it. That race is in two weeks, and I won that one last time.
The pic is from the OVR RR in Vandervort's Corner, OH, April 6th. It's heading into the final lap. I''m geting ready to chuck thae bottle in my hand, Josh is behind me standing up, not sure what he's doing.
Okay, emergency sirens are going off, I better go...

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Son of a...

B-Town's right in the middle there somewhere. I have a "rain bike," but I didn't get around to building up a "thunderstorm bike." Believe it or not, I can still feel Sundays race in my legs, maybe a day off will be good. I already vaccuumed the house, I'm sure I can think of a few more house chores to do.
Hopefully it clears up and turns out to be a better week than is forecasted, otherwise I'm gonna have to be on the trainer in the following days! We don't want that in June.

Sunday, June 01, 2008


I had a good birthday, Lindsay got me two CD’s I have been wanting (Detroit Cobras) and my parents came to town Saturday night and took us to eat. We went to a new downtown eatery called Farm, which is upscale dining w/ a local emphasis. It was good, but very expensive; definitely a place for the ‘rents to take you. We went to Brusters afterwards for ice cream. Wonderful eve had by all.
Then today was the DINO MTB race at BCSP. I went w/ two goals: ride really hard and don’t crash, placement was not on my mind. But I had a flawless ride. I didn’t make any mistakes, stayed focussed and rode really, really well. I ended up 13th overall, but that includes the 12 or so pro wave starters who are scored w/ Experts, but start 2 minutes ahead. That put me in (I think) 4th Expert. That is my best Expert finish ever and felt like one of my best MTB races ever. I was out of the money by 1 spot; they paid to 12. I was in the zone and riding on rails though. I felt great.
I grilled Lindsay and I filets for dinner that my Dad brought us and we had a great meal w/ roasted carrots and potatoes. I sometimes like to eat red meat after a hard effort in the heat like today. The protein, iron, etc hits the spot.
Next weekend is the Indiana St Road Race Championships (INStRR) in Fishers. I‘ve been riding well since being over my illness…

BTW, the pic is actually from a race last year, I don't have one from today! Maybe later.