Sunday, September 27, 2009


The new Time road pedal "Iclick." Carbon everywhere. Even has a carbon retention clip, but it works more like a ski binding than a spring-loaded pedal. SUPER light (and probably SUPER expensive.

Christian VandeVelde. (sp)

Pro men.

Leaders, (Jamie Driscol (front) can't remember who #2 is) heading into finish)

Pro Men.

My trip to Interbike this year was short. Which is good for being in Vegas (because Vegas kind of sucks), but bad for traveling (if you hate traveling like I do). I was at the show half of Wednesday and all day Thursday, then left early Friday. I got to see everything I needed/wanted to and talked to all the people I needed/wanted to (and some I didn't). I did go to Cross Vegas Wed night, which was awesome once again. I accidentally wound up in the VIP area (where all the press and pros were hanging out). The beer in the VIP was free, so I had two Sierra Nevada's on the house. The VIP had good vantage points, which was good because if I left the VIP I couldn't get back in.
I skipped the US Pro Crit Championships because 1) it was at Mandalay Bay, which is at the completely opposite end of the strip form where I was staying 2) I was tired from walking around ALL DAY and 3) I had to be up to leave @ 5am the following morn.
One of the highlights for me was that Universal Sports had a pimpin' lounge set up in the lobby of The Sands w/ a bunch of big flat screen facing every direction, a big P.A. and leather couches, etc. and was showing the World Championships (TT that day). Plus there was free Fat Tire on tap (I had another 2). It was a cool atmosphere, they had trivia give-aways and stuff during commercial breaks. It was nice to be able to kick back while still at the show (the sweet couches were all full, so I had to sit on the floor, but whatever).
I spent way too much time traveling Friday, almost 12hrs total. But other than that it was an okay trip.
Now it's back to the routine and back to training, I tried to load up on training in the two days before I left, but I haven't worked out since Tuesday (except walking ~10miles/day).
Racing resumes next weekend!


Tim Johnson (center #5), Johnathan Page (black #6) @ Cross Vegas.

Page warming up on course.

Georgia Gould on the run up.

Katie Compton on the run up. The pro women have to be sick of Katie at the US races; she cannot be beaten barring unlucky circumstance.

Start of wmns field, Luna chix were (Gould, Nash) were very active at the front...for about a lap.

I ran into Tyler Hamilton coming out of a porta-potty.We talked for a few minutes. He's starting a coaching biz. I told him I'm interested, but sure I couldn't afford him. He told me I may be surprised and to give him a call. (yes, my stance in this photo looks very gay, but whatever.)

Is that Fred Rose at the Champion Systems booth?

This is a TT set up w/ Dura Ace electronic set up. the pic didn't come out very good (no flash), but it's so clean looking.



Me and Eddy Merckx. He looks thrilled to be meeting me.


The new Fizik Ares TT seat. It's really short and has the rails moved forward on the seat to accommodate a UCI legal position. I think I'm going to nee to get on e of these because I plan to race TT nats in 2010.

Zabriski's TT front end. His bars aren't super narrow, but his pads are.

Smokey mnts. I'd rather have been going there to ride than to Vegas to gawk. (I flew from Indy to Charlotte, NC, then to Vegas from there, hence going over the Smokeys)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

OVCX pic (and 2010 changes)

There were several photags on the course, but just on epic of me to be had! This has to be on the first lap, because I am totally clean (I was 100% mud head-to-toe later) . I can tell also that it is right before the run up. I can tell this by my hand position because I always ride in the drops unless I'm getting ready to dismount (I can't dismount form the drops).
Anywho, you may notice I'm in different colors. I have switched teams to the Indy based Speedway Wheelmen for the remainder of 2009 and into 2010. The director of the team is trying to set up an elite squad of Cat 3's and wanted me to join. The idea is to have 4-6 able Cat 3's at most road races next year and get some wins. It was a difficult decision for me, as I have made many friends within the Torutga Team, but I had very few Cat 3 team mates and I feel like I'm capable of better results if I have more of a team so I don't have to do so much work at the front to control things for my own interest. We'll see how it all shakes out; I hope to win some races next year!
So, it's Tuesday night and I have 4 quality workouts in already. Travel/Interbike is going to set me back a few days training wise, so I decided to blow it out these two days, then take the four days off (though I'll be on my feet for very many hours in Vegas) and hope I don't loose anything. I think I'll be fine.
I'm packing my camera, so I'll post up some pics from the show.
Bye all.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


This weekend was the series opener for the Ohio Valley Cyclocross Series. My first goal of the day was to make it to the race; as I liken driving on OH interstates to running through a field of live land mines.
It rained most of the way there, steady, but not pouring. The closer I got, the harder it rained. I went into the day feeling confident. I've been riding cross weekly and riding pretty well. I expected to do good and hoped I could win. But the muddy conditions worried me, as that changes everything. It's much harder to go fast and there are some part where you have to go downright slow. And crashing (or at least nearly crashing, probably several times) is to be expected.
Any time you START a race in the pouring rain, it's gets automatic "epic" status. When it rain for the duration of said race, yeah, that's a mess.
I rode very hard and overall very well. I was sitting, quite comfortably, in third until the first of my two crashes. Crash #1 saw my bars get tangled in the course tape. After getting my bars detangled and getting back my rhythm, riders #'s 1 and 2 had gapped me and I couldn't catch them. Crash #2 I just laid it down in the mud, which let ~3 guys behind me catch closer, two which ultimately passed me. I was able to hold of the others behind me, and finished 5th. We started w/ 94 people (though it was mixed age category, so there were 36 or so 0-35[my race]) , so 5th isn't too bad. If I hadn't crashed I think I could have done better and maybe even contested the win. I was, however, happy with my race and my result.
Being a total mud fest it was extra hard and I had so much crap in my eyes I couldn't see much for the duration (or the drive home). But it was great first race because the conditions can't get a whole lot worse (actually they can, but it was pretty gnarly). It should prove a good basis for the rest of the season.
I will miss a few days of training this week to head back out to Las Vegas for the Interbike trade show. I can't say I'm totally psyched on going, but it'll be cool to see all the new stuff for 2010 and check out some pro racing too.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The TT bike is officially hung up.

Hurt face.

right before finish line.

no cool's this guy??

Tuesday evening was the Monroe County Hill Climb Championship. I was torn for about a week or so which bike to ride, TT or road bike. It has a couple very fast sections that I knew would favor the TT, but I think I climb overall faster on my road bike (and it's lighter). Obviously, I opted for the TT bike and I am now positive it was the right choice, as there were a couple 34+mph sections.
I went into this event confident; I expected to win. Not in a cocky way, but in a good athletic, positive thinking way.
I 'm not sure if Ryan Shanahan had the same positive thoughts, but he definitely won. And Re-Jay Shei, who set the course record last year, was faster than me too. Ryan, RJ and myself all three went under the previous course record, but I took 3rd overall. Because Ryan won the overall, I took the trophy for 30+ winner, because the promoter doesn't allow double dipping into the trophy bag (you can win only one trophy). So albeit w/ an "*", I took home some hardware.
I forgot to mention last post that this weekend is the opener of the Ohio Valley Cyclocross series.
First cross race!
And it looks like I am going back to Vegas for Interbike this year. So I'll be gone most of next week to check out what's on the horizon for 2010 in the bike world. And have my mind blown, yet agian, about how rediculous Las Vegas is.

Monday, September 14, 2009


We ventured over to Seymour again for the local TT series finale' this weekend. As you may recall from a previous post, Ryan and I went to this a few weeks ago and while both of us beat the course record, he beat me so he holds the new record. There are two courses in this series, a flat one (a few weeks ago) and a hilly one (yesterday). Once again, Ryan and I both broke the record, but he best me (as expected), so he now holds both course records. I expect they will both stand for a very long time too.
While this is a small grassroots TT series, both courses are excellent and they'll make great measuring sticks. I look forward to doing several of them next year.
I also ran a 5k Saturday morning. I've been "upping" my running volume, but 3.1miles was still my longest run of the year. I set the goal of going under 24minute, not really sure what to expect time wise. And not being a runner, I couldn't really care less if I went over 24 either. To my surprise I went a low 22min. I was happy with that because I felt really good throughout.
I rode easy for a little under an hour today, but my right calf is sore. Both of my calves are a little sore, but the right feels a little more serious. I iced it, so hopefully it cooperates. I have been running Mondays evenings, I may skip the run tonight if it is still bothering me.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Sony, Pioneer, Dennon, Onkio

What do all of the names mentioned on the title have in common? They are all types of stereos. Or stereotypes.
Most of you that know me know that I have a deep fear of drivers from Ohio; they just suck at driving. Female drivers from Ohio? forget about it. Asian female from Ohio? No way. Asian student driver on a cell phone from Ohio? RUN!
Anyway, I had to snap a picture of this killer parking job in front of my bikeshop the other day. I edited the plate to protect the innocent, but I do know it's a female. And the Ohio plate, what would you expect other than halfway in two spaces AND on the sidewalk. Classic.

I had an incredibly solid week of training this week. I'm starting to understand training with power better each day. I did some good hard intervals Tuesday that are designed for cyclocross fitness. I was able to keep my power right where it was supposed to be.
Wednesday was the third "Wednesday Worlds Cyclocross" training race. I go third this week. Of course nearly everyone quit early, but I was riding pretty good anyway, so whatever.
Thursday I went out and did my first real road ride w/ power. It really forced me to ride harder overall than I normally would have. I was on a route I do often, so I am used to doing it in a certain manor. But trying to stay in a power zone leaves no time to rest/recover. This I think will make me faster.
Conversely, I rode easy today (Friday) and had to really hold back to stay w/in my "easy zone." Interesting thing: on my "hard days" I wasn't riding hard enough and on my "easy days" I was going too hard. I kind of think I mostly always rode the same pace, just different distances. And that's no good. he power tap will teach me much.
I also mixed in some runs during the week. Which brings me to tomorrow: I'm doing a 5k. I won't go hard because I don't to get sore (I've run only 2.5miles so far), but I want to go ~24min. We'll see.
Then Sunday it a final TT for the season. It's another one in Seymour, but a different course than the one a few weeks ago. Ryan and I are going to go try to crush this course record like we did the other one!
Then the following weekend (9/20), it's the first CX race of the season. Whew; no rest at all.
I also have an announcement regarding my 2010 racing. To come though.

Monday, September 07, 2009

My bars are getting full

My handle bars are getting cramped w/ information devices. I'm thinking maybe a miniature globe and/or compass on the left hand side.
I got my powertap all set up and have done some testing w/ it to get some numbers established to train with. Lindsay has helped me get zones and all that crap established so I can use this tool for intervals, steady rides, easy rides, etc.
I have been kind of sick-ish for 3-4days. I think it's probably allergies, but it may a little cold. When I get sick I turn into a hippie for treatment; no medicine, but apple cider vinegar drink (totally nasty, but supposedly a cure-all), eccinachea, neti pot, and wishful thinking.
I missed the final MTB race of the year yesterday (Sunday) due to not feeling well. I didn't feel super bad, but I was afraid that 1) breathing in 2hrs of dirt couple with 2) 2hrs of maximum effort would make me full blown sick and shut me down for a week or so. So I skipped it.
I did go out and bust a hard 4mile TT, the first 2miles of which are up hill and are the Monroe County Hill Climb TT course. So I previewed the TT (because I haven't been on this hill for three years), and set some power records to have for training. Being congested, my lungs were absolutely on fire while riding hard, but I set a good time on the hill portion and PR'd the 4mile TT by 7seconds.
Today I rode nice and easy (as evident by the av power pictured above), which I normally do on Mondays but getting over allergies/sickness was even more important. I got my MTB all cleaned off (which was still dirty from racing 4 weeks ago) and I'll probably do an EASY 20min run later.
Labor day, eh? Sweet.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Maybe not the best idea...

Previous post deleted. Within hours it was all over the Internet. Stirring the potential to cause problems. To those who read it, I'm glad I wrote it. And that is not what this post title refers to.
I ran last night. For the first time this season. I ran 1.7miles, that's 13minutes. I was starting to feel soreness within an hour or so. I feel like maybe it wasn't the best idea because I am going to do a 10mile TT tonight to get some power numbers established. Being sore may not be the most efficient way to produce watts. But it's the end of the season, I'll deal. So yes, I got a power meter to train with. That was my planned purchase for this year, but I hadn't planned on purchasing it this early. But that's the way it ended up shaking out.
For those that missed my previous post: a quick weekend re-cap.
Sunday I went down to Louisville to watch friends Tim Mickelborough (Mick-Ultra) and Chelsea Sanders race the Ironman. I've spectated several Ironman races and this was by far the most pleasant. The weather was perfect.
While the athletes were out on the bike course, I took the opportunity to ride over to the USGP/Storm the Greens cyclocross race course at the River Road Country Club Cyclocross park. It looked a lot different 1) w/ not tape marking the course and 2)w/ green grass (not Blue Grass) and leaves on trees. I've only been there in deep winter time, so it was different. It was good training session and I'm very glad I did it. I hooked up w/ 3 locals to be shown the lap for starters. I did 2 very fast very fast (full race pace, really) w/ them, then they were going to do "skills practice" (they were probably just intimidated by my prowess though). So I rode 3 more laps hard, but by myself, so not at quite the punishing pace these guys had me on. Then I rode 1 lap easy w/ Ryan (he and some other friends rode road bikes out, then came back past the cross park to pick me up and he busted out a lap w/ me). It was a great workout, I did 50+min of CX riding, most of it hard, on a world class CX course in August. How cool is that?
Then we watched the rest of the IM. It was great day, w/ great riding, spent w/ great friends. Sweet!
So back to running. I need to get started w/ my 2009-2010 running campaign, so I ride easy ~1hr yesterday a.m., then ran in the evening. My plan was (is?) to run again this a.m., but I'm going to wait until I get stretched to see if I think I should or not. I am going to the sports/wellness Dr. for some treatment today too. So I have a few tings to get done.