Sunday, June 02, 2013

Another week, another year, etc

This past week I turned over another year. I've been around for 35 of them now. My parents came down and we went to eat dinner at The Scenic View restaurant which over looks Lake Monroe. It's a pretty decent place and (obviously) has pretty good views.
The View

Since Monday was Memorial day and a day off of work I was able to change the week's training around to accommodate a Saturday race. But I found out halfway through the week that the race was actually Sunday. Oh well, that's no biggy.


It rained quite a bit on Friday and rain was forecasted for Saturday. They cancelled Sunday's race on Friday. A few years ago we used to race pretty much no matter what (as long as there wasn't lighting, etc). But the most action my MTB got was getting cleaned and prepped to be raced. Then I hung it back up. It didn't rain much at all Saturday. We totally could have raced. Cancellation so early was a bad call.
Since the race was cancelled a few of us went out for a long ride instead. We rode about 3hrs and hit one of my favorite climbs, Bear Wallow, which I haven't ridden yet this year. We rode pretty hard and it was a good ride. I haven't done a good hard 3hr Sunday ride in quite awhile now so I was glad to get this in.
So it looks like my first MTB race will now be June 15. It was supposed to be May 5, but that was also cancelled due to weather. I guess these race cancellations are saving me gas $$, but then again I'm registering and paying for races I'm not doing. I guess all the entry fees will roll over, but all that aside, I just want to race bikes already!       

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