Monday, June 17, 2013


I finally went bar to bar; and I'm not talking about a pub crawl. I'm talkin' racin'!

Finally a MTB race happened and wasn't cancelled by weather. And it's a good one too: the DINO at French Lick resort. I missed this race last year when I woke up with a blown back. And the year before that (which I think was the first year at this venue) it poured rain all day. So it was awesome to race this venue in very good conditions.
This course is pretty climb-heavy and as such suits me pretty well. As with most racing, the start here is crucial. It starts on a flat cyclocross-esque course, but as soon as it enters the woods, you're climbing. So I wanted to be in a good position into the woods. I got a pretty decent start and entered the woods second. The dude who was ahead of me was flying and basically checked out immediately. Rather than try to chase him and kill myself, I decided to ride good and hard on the climbs and try to keep a gap over everyone behind.  This race is 3 really hard laps, so I figured I smash lap 1, still go pretty hard lap 2 ans survive lap 3. That's pretty much how it played out. I eventually got passed by two people, so I ended up 4th in my race. But there's an age group race within that race and I was third in that. So it was a pretty good day. I felt good and rode hard.

Collecting my hardware


Sunday it rained most of the day. I went out for a couple hours on the bike with a friend from Indy and we got rained on for a good solid 2hrs. Whatever, it's summer rain and isn't too bad.
Then I skyped with my nieces in the evening. That's always nice, they're lots of fun.

I keep seeing this cat while out on my evening walks. He's pretty nice and sometimes lets me pet him. But he doesn't like cameras. I've tried a couple times to get a pic of him but he'll run away. Got him this time though! 

There's no racing next weekend, but then there's a few in a row in the coming weeks. So I'll just keep on keepin on and doing what I do. No matter what happens, my toes are still tappin.

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