Monday, July 08, 2013

4th of July, BCSP Reduex

What a week. I say that with the best possible tone; it was a great week. 

My little hoodrat friends and I

I got in all the training I needed to do, but had to rearrange the schedule a bit to accommodate taking Thursday off of riding to go to my brother's in-law's house to see my nieces on the 4th. Spent some great QT w/ all of them. We went swimming in the lake and hung out on their deck overlooking the lake. It was proper.

Weather has forced the cancellation of 2 BCSP MTB races this year. The rescheduled DINO event was Sunday. I woke up feeling RTR (ready to race). The way DINO runs the BCSP course it features what is probably the most difficult start in all of cycling. It's a short (~20yd?) sprint in thick grass, then a right hand turn off of the grass and onto a paved ~2mile climb w/ some nasty grades. Although this start is super difficult, it suits me well.
I took off expecting to "have to" ride the pace I typically do on this climb, which is, like, 100%. But when when we got up the first pitch I had a sizable gap on the field.   

After initial steep pitch, still climbing

I decided to meter it back a few %'s, but still go hard to maintain this gap into the woods and try to grow it on lap 1.
I went into the woods w/ probably 10-20sec on the field. About 3/4 into lap 1, a group of 3 was gaining on me. This didn't really worry me; I was feeling good and having a few fast guys around would hopefully grow the gap behind. I continued to lead through lap 1 and through most of lap 2. At some point another rider showed up out of nowhere, passed our group and was gone. No idea who he was, but he motoring. I was thinking about a win until then. Now I was thinking about a 2nd. Going into lap 3 I knew I was getting tired, but thought I could maintain high output for the 35or so minutes. But with about 3/4 of the lap remaining, I started coming unglued. I could tell my sugar reserves were depleted, even though I was eating gel and drinking mix. I was fading fast and started to make technical mistakes. This caused me to slow quite a bit on downhill sections and I got caught by a few more people. I was pretty much in survival mode and no real fight left in me, so I just had to let them by and watch them ride off.
Bummer, but these things happen.


I ended up 6th in my race, but 2nd for 35 men. So I got my hardware!

Overall it was great day and great weekend both on and off the bike. Life's good.

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