Thursday, August 15, 2013

I'm still here!

Hey all-
This blog isn't dead. It definitely has some weeds growing on it though. Sorry.

Lots of the same old same old. Riding, training, racing. Blah blah.

Some new stuff too though. I absolutely went to the Monroe County Fair since I've written on here. And I probably ate fried pickles, amongst other fair delicacies I may have also consumed.  

 Since this isn't a food blog, it's worth mention that CX season is approaching real quick-like. I have been caught up in a whirl-wind of positive things. My training is solid and moving along as it should, but I am slacking ~a bit~ on equipment prep. Actually it only feels that way. Fact is I have one set of wheels/tires left to glue, a few minor things to do to the "A" bike, and I'm RTR. And it's only mid August. So when I break it down like that, I'm still probably ahead of schedule. Boo ya!
Our race, BloomingX, is the OVCX series opener this year. So those of us in charge of course design, amongst some other logistics, have a little more stress than in year's past (our race is normally in October, so we have plenty of time to get things together), but we're on track. We've made a few minor tweaks to our already super dope course. So it's going to be awesome this year!!! Sept 15!

But first things first, we still have n MTB series to finish. MTB racing is going okay. I had my first DNF since forever ago this past weekend in Logansport. Flat tire. And pre-punctured Co2 inflator. Bummer. Had to walk it in. But whatever. MTB is just training for CX, right?        

Till next time y'all. Thanks for reading/checking in w/ me!

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