Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Holidays...

I haven’t written for a few days, actually about a week. Since then I have ridden trainer, ridden in Frankfort and ridden cx here. Last week I rode trainer inside Thurs and Fri. I didn’t ride Saturday, which is normal, but I had to take Lindsay to the airport, as she is spending this xmas at her parent’s house in Oklahoma. So I wen ton home Sat and just loafed around most of the day.
Sunday I rode in F-fort. I don’t’ know the county roads there too well, so I didn’t really know where I was going. I rode about 25 miles, but it was pretty unfulfilling, since I was always wondering of my orientation (not sexual). Plus I was chased by (I think) 5 dogs. Man, the roads there are FLAT. I climbed far less in the 25 miles I rode than I do on my 2mile ride to work here. Wow.
Christmas was good in Frankfort. I missed Lindsay, but it was still nice. For all the great things I was given, one stands out. We got a Dyson vacuum from my parents and this thing is awesome. You hear how great they are; it’s all true. I don’t know what else to say.
I came back Monday (xmas) night and got my stuff put away (and vacuumed [again, this thing rocks]) so I could go to work Tues. I rode trainer Tues a.m. and watched some of the new DVD Lindsay got me. She got me a Looney Tunes DVD that has two discs w/ tons of LT cartoons. It is awesome. Those are some great cartoons.
Today I rode the CX bike for 1:15 or so. It was 24* when I left and 28* when I got on. It was cold. But I was out.
Lindsay’s parents got me some good coffees’ for xmas and it is so good to have a nice good strong cup in the am, instead of the cheap crap I buy.
I have to go to the airport Friday early to go to my brother’s wedding in New Orleans. We’ll meet Lindsay in Houston and fly to NO together. It should be fun…

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Not again!

I feel like I might be getting another cold. I just feel tired/worked and am sneezing some. I am loading up on zinc and C, and have napped the past few days after work, so hopefully I dodge it. I have to get on a plane in about a week, and I’d rather not have a compromised immune system. I’m not crazy about being a plane breathing that recycled air anyway, so hopefully this is licked by then.
I had a PT session Monday. I think that will be my last. The guy basically did a bunch of the same evaluative stuff he did last time, but whatever. It was when he put me on a Air Dyne exercise bike and started talking to me about bike fit that he lost my faith. I didn’t want hi to get there. A rider of my stature can’t have a non racer giving him fit advice; it just doesn’t work. I’m doing the exercises he gave me and they seem to be helping. I think next month I‘m going to go for a couple massage sessions, because it’s about the same cost as a PT session and I think it will do more good. If that doesn’t seem to help by Feb, I may see a guy that RS has recommended to me.
Tuesday I rode the CX bike to Wapahani park and rode a few laps around the lake. It was about 28*, but I felt fine. A little shock coming from the 60* temps of the last week or tow, but I can deal w/ it.
Today RS and I rode a loop of the MM St. Forest. I rode harder than I would have liked to given I feel a little sick, but when you ride w/ RS, you ride hard.(period)
It is supposed to rain tomorrow, so it looks like a trainer day. I’ll likely take it easy and go an hour tops to rest a bit. Man, it’s xmas in few days. I’m planning on taking either my cross bike or road bike home w/ me, as the weather looks like it would allow a ride or two. I’ll only be there a couple days, but if I can ride, I might-as-well.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Underground road trip

Today we had an Underground Series race, which would normally be in B-Town, in Columbus. 4 of us from B-Town went over for some nice day c-bus cx action. Andy Messer set up a great course in a park on the west side. It had a lot of pavement and two stair run ups. It was a tough, but fast course. I ended up third, but had to work for it.
After the race we all rode on the paved trail around Columbus. They have a really nice trail system and it was nice to spin the legs out after the hard CX effort.
Back Tracking:
Wednesday I got out on the road bike for a couple hours. I rode South Shore Dr. It has been a fee days now, but I think it was pretty windy, but otherwise nice.
Thursday I rode the TT bike out 446. I rode for an hour. This basically consisted of riding out until my clock read 0:30.00 and turning around. No biggy, just wanted to get in a little time on the TT. I ended up riding harder than I wanted to, but what can I say, that just goes fast.
Friday I went out for an easy hour on road bike.
I fear the payback for this great weather. It’s been so nice and I’m afraid we will pay big time for it soon. It is supposed to stay mild next week too. We’ll see what goes down. Here’s my prediction: 1) no white xmas. 2) While we (my fam and I) are at my brother’s wedding in Louisiana (12/30) the weather will turn to crap here and we won’t be able to get back for several days. Place your bets.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Sunday was #3 in the B-Town CX Series. It was a rough course due to the ground being frozen hard and really rough anyway. It was around the IU outdoor pool. It was really hard to find rhythm due to the rough ground and it being pretty technical. I ended up 5th, but some people faster than I flatted out. I still held my own, but I would have been a few places back if others hadn’t DNF’d.
Yesterday (Monday) I went to the Physical Therapist. This first visit was for evaluation. He said I have really tight tensor bands on the front of my hips that are causing my glut muscles to have to do more work than they otherwise would, which is why I have an overuse injury in my medial glut. He said the stretches I’m doing are good and gave me a couple more. I go in again this coming Monday for him to work on my tensors. Hopefully we can get it nipped.
Today I rode trainer for 1.5hrs. It was raining, so I watched an episode of Saved By The Bell, then put in a Beavis and Butthead DVD for the remainder. Good stuff.
Tomorrow looks better, so I’m planning on getting outside. I may ride the TT bike out sr 446, may ride road not sure yet.
This Sunday there is a "underground" cross race is Columbus. A lot of people come over for ours from C-Bus, so we’ll probably go over. Again, we shall see.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Out, in, in

Wednesday we got done loading the moving truck for the lady we were moving a little after 1:00. It was 40* or so day, so I figured I would go out for a couple hours of riding. It was quite windy, but I had a route planned that would cheat the wind*. (*usually this blows up in my face, literally. Every time I think I’ve beat this element, I end up having it worse). My plan was to go out with a tail wind and come in SR 45, which is hilly, twisty and mostly forest, all of these elements blocking the wind and/or making headwind stretches short. It totally worked like a charm. Just as planned. I was happy w/ it. I wasn’t ever really in the headwind for too long at one time due to either a hill, a turn or some trees. It was nice. It was sunny and mild too. Nice.
Yesterday (thurs) and today, however were too cold to be out in the a.m. We’re talking single digits. Yesterday was trainer on the TT bike (for aero position to "lay out") and today was rollers on road bike. That’s that. CX Sunday (B-Town), physical therapy for the butt Monday morning. Yeehaw.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The ride

I successfully diagnosed myself online (and w/ Lindsay’s vast knowledge of sports-injury). The Dr. confirmed me as suffering from pirifomris syndrome. I go to physical therapy Monday. I also figured out the exercises to do for it online, so hopefully the PT will have a thing or two I don’t’ already know and make it seem worth my time/money.
Yesterday we moved most of the lady’s stuff from the house and into a truck. She has very little furniture, but is an artist (and is 81 years old) and has 100’s of paintings, most in frames. We weren’t able to get done yesterday, so we’re going back today. I spent a good hour or two in an attic w/ loose fiberglass (I think) insulation pulling years and years of paintings out to be handed down to the other guy. We probably both have cancer now. The old lady and her daughter are really nice and letting us go at it, w/ minimal interference. My fear was some overbearing person hovering over us being like "put that there," "no, that goes there," etc, etc. We got lucky.
I wasn’t into a trainer ride last night after lifting and carrying all day (9-5). I feel way better this am than I thought I would. I’m not sore anywhere at all. Being in shape rules. Maybe I’ll get on the hamster wheel tonight if we knock off early, which we should be able to; we don’t have too much left.
B-Town CX this weekend. It seems like forever since I’ve raced (I think it’s been a week).

Monday, December 04, 2006

and then it was cold

Sunday I had planned on riding 3 or so hours. I was going to go to Nashville. I called RS to see if he wanted to ride and he asked "outside?" "Are you crazy?" He’s usually pretty game, so I decided to cut it down to about 40miles, or a little over 2 hours and went solo. It was 19* when I left and about 22* when I got back. It was cold. And it was windy too. This was the killer, not the temps so much, but I was straight into the wind for the first 10-15 miles and it was tough and cold. Once I got out of the headwind, it wasn’t too bad. After about 1 hour my bottles froze completely, so I had no water, but I made it. I had to go through some deep water (about hub-deep) on Bottom Rd (which WILL be flooded if it's flooded anywhere), which didn't seem like a big deal until I went for my brakes and had a close call due to my rims being 100% iced over. My feet got pretty wet from splash, but I had on my Cannondale LE booties, which are water/wind proof and not a drop of water made it through. Thier LE material has really impressed me. The sun finally started to poke out right as I was getting in, but whatever. I got a ride in w/out using the trainer.
Friday we went to RS and SS’s for a pre-marathon dinner thing. It was nice to hang w/ most of the Muncie crue (and SS made some killer lasagnas). The marathon seems to have gone pretty well for all involved that I know if. It was wet and slick for most of it, but people were close enough to goal times that it seemed to have worked out.
Today, seeing as it’s 9*, I’ll ride rollers for an hour or so. I may have a couple days off riding ahead of me. Tomorrow me and another guy form work are helping some lady move for a sweet hourly rate paid in cash (no f**cking taxes). And we may have to finish up Wed if we don’t’ get done tomorrow. I may ride trainer in the evening, if I feel like it and don’t get home too late.
Today I go to the Dr. about my muscle injury. We’ll see how that goes…

Friday, December 01, 2006

The worse half

Now is the bad part of the week. Especially today. It rained all day yesterday, but today it is nasty. My desktop weather thing says it’s 28*, w/ 25mph wind gusting to 40mph. It’s spitting snow here and there too.
Yesterday I rode the trainer for 1:10. Today I rode rollers for 1:00. I still haven’t decided if I want to go to L-ville this weekend or not. It’ll be cold, that’s for sure, but it’s supposed to be sunny.
I made a Dr.’s appt for Monday to get a referral to either a physical therapist or a sports Dr. I have had a nagging injury in the left side of my butt for while now. I think it’s piriformis syndrome. It’s not getting any better and sometimes is feels worse, so I’m going for medical help. I feel like can operate w/ it, but I can’t run and there’s no way I could do squats w/ it. And like I said, it’s not getting better, so hopefully I can get it nipped before it becomes really impairing.