Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Trail running @ Griffey Lake

I ran two laps at the Griffey Lake trail today. It was cold (~29*), but w/ no wind, so it was bearable. The leaves have cleared so you can see the trail and the roots and stuf. Las ttime I was there it was fully fall and I about rolled my ankle a ton of times. So trail conditions were good. My legs felt heavy though. I would say it wasn't a great run. It's probably because I had the heater in the car blasting, then got out and tried to get going in the sub freezing temp. Griffey starts out with a monster climb, and on my second lap it took me forever to recover from the climb. Those who know me know I blame a lot on the weather (or Bush), but Bush wasn't there, so I'm blaming my crappy workout on the weather (unless Bush somehow is controlling the weather now too, probably bought a weather controler machine w/ my tax money).
Anywho, I plan to ride cross tommorw because it's supossed to be snowing in the a.m. and riding cross in snow is somehow fitting. I'll probably go to the stadium/arena. IU plays basketball tonight, so there may be parking barriers still up to jump. I shall see.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Boltinghouse (at long last)

I've been wanting to ride Boltinghouse for a few weeks now, but on days when I can, it's been wet. It was dry enough today, and I hit it. Since I started riding Boltinghouse weekly when I moved here, I've been wanting to ride in seated, but never quite made it. I always ended up standing at the last minute. I rode 'er seated today; no standing. I thought my tricepts were going to explode from ripping at the bars. After Boltinghouse, I went over to 45 and rode Russell, which I deiscovered last week. So I got 2 big ass climbs in 20 miles. Actually, I climbed 1200 feet in 19.8 miles! It was flurrying w/ little pellet thingies for a while, which hurt my face, but oh well.That's November riding in Indiana.
No racing this weekend. But next weekend is the final Indy cross, which counts for double points. I prett much have to go, as I'm sitting in a secure 2nd for the series and need to defend/try to move up to 1st if possible. I think we're going to go to an IU hockey game this weekend.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Short computrainer ride

I made a 10mile computrainer course for a recovery ride. It was pancake flat w/ a 3mph tailwind for 3.5 miles, then had a climb which reaced 15%, flattened out, then descended @ 15%. Then it was flat again for the remainder. It was a good little recovery. The climb was short though, shorter than I intended. It was only a few secinds and I was shooting for minute or so. It's hard to judge when your building the course. I wanted Blotinghouse in my livingroom. Oh well, I hope to ride outside tomorrow. I haven't checked to forecast yet though. Lindsay added me to her YMCA memebrship, so I plan to start lifting for a couple months starting after the Indy CX season ends (12/10). I can swim too. So if it's crap tomorrow I'll either ride trainer or run. Hopefully it'll be outside ridable.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

KOA cross Indy

Cyclocross today at the KOA Campground in Indy. It was raining, either light or steady, the whole time. This was part of the Ohio Valley CX sereis, which means there are a ton more people there than usual. I got a crap start and was pretty far back at the beginning. After the first lap I was a t the back of group of probably 6-10 people, so I broke away from that group and no one reacted, so I was alone to catch more people in front of me. I was catching and passing people and I saw my sereis adversary on the horizon. I opened it up another notch when he was in my sight and passed him. It's the first time i've beaten him. I got 13th, but was beaten by 11 Ohio or Kentucky guys, and 1 IN guy who is a fast Expert and a 3 on road, so he was totally sandbagging. So if this woul hav been a "normal' IN sereis race, I would have won. Some of these Ohio/Kentucky guys train all year for CX, so they're super fast. I'm happy with my 13th, given the circumstances.

Friday, November 25, 2005


I broke out the Computrainer today. I did a 15.5 mile ride. It was only 45 min, plus I did 5 more minutes for cool-down. I know 50 min is a warm up on trainer for Big Zach, but I can' t ride trainer for too long. Computrainer makes it easier (time go faster), but man it still sucks. I wanted to ride Boltinghouse Hill today, but it was 15* when I got up and it's 17* now. It will be a cold ride to work. I averaged 168 watts, which is 10-20w lower than a normal outside ride (in Muncie anyway) for me but who cares, it's almost December.
We had a nice Thanksgving in Frankfort. Food was great. I brought home crazy mad leftovers for sandwiches; should be good stuff.
I ordered some Rock-n-Roll grease and lubes for bikes the other day. It's supossed to be the best stuff there is. I need to overhaul my road bike sometime in the next month or so, and I want to use good stuff to do it. I have 3 different greaes for different applications and two different lubes (one's a lube, one's an oil) for different apps. One grease is for packing loose bearings, one for non bearing but moving parts (cartridge bearings, hub pawls, etc.) and one for non moving parts (threads, etc). Sounds involved, but high end bikes require specific care to work to their potential.
Planned day off bike tomorrow to rest for CX race Sunday in Indy. It's supossed to rain Sunday, so it may be a bust. We'll see.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Cross in the snow

There is snow stivking today. It's the first snow by, I think, Chuck Laughton's standard, or is it Chris Wright? Anywho, they say if you can "track a cat," than it's considered an official snow. After about 10 minutes of struggle within between riding cross or riding trainer, I suited up to go out. I went over to the football stadium, like last week, and rode laps. There were alot of cars coming and going tough. They kept botching my barrier jumps, basically becasue I didn't want to be dismounting/remounting in front of an audience by myself. One has to look like an idiot jumping overstuff ina parking lot on a bike, given the general unfamiliarity w/ cyclocross. People wouldn't be thinking "oh look, that guys trainingfor CX." They're more likely to think "what the hell is wrong with that dude." Anyway, it's about 30* and kind of windy. I rode for only about 45min, then did my 200 situps routine. One of the Tortuga gys wants to rdie tomorrow am, but I don't know if I'll have time to get a decent ride in before leaving town for t-giving in Frankfort. I was planning on running, which I will probably do, then hit the road for some turkey etc.
Have good thanksgiving, you my loyal readers.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sleet road ride

After a day off yesterday, I rode road today. It was sleeting a little, which hurts your face when it's cold like this (~34*). The sleet/rain let up about 3/4 into my short (~16m) ride. I went on a new road, called Russell road. It's a good road. It's a tour of a bunch of big, high dollar houses just east of B-Town. The road is paved awesome (don't want the richies to get bounced around in their SUV's) and it has a real nice climb on it. It's a good little ride.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

B-Town CX #1

First race of the Bloomington Underground Cross Series today. Pretty hard course, a lot of fast guys (JL Serriere, Matt Batton, Tim Cote, Issacc Neff, Ryan Shanahan...). We met at Soma coffee sho and rode to the course, which was at the bell tower (on 10th, I believe). Race was 40 min+lap. The course had an uphill/off camber barrier jump. Super hard to get momentum after that one. I ended up either 5th or 6th. Serriere flatted and lost laps, but no one was sure how many, so I either beat him and got 5th, or he was 4th, pushing me to 6th (Tim finished one ahead of me).
After the race we went on a CX ride over toward Nashville via bike paths in town, single track out of town and gravel roads back. It ended up being about 16 miles, which was tough after just racing cross for 45min; let alnoe the group of fast guys I was with.
Overall, I'd say this was one of the hradest weekends of rding I've had in along time. I'm cooked and tired. OFF DAY TOMORROW for sure.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Major Taylor Cross #2

Today was the Indy cross @ Major Taylor (2nd race @ MT for those following). It was an okay day. I tried to get to the front for the start and ended up somewhere around 5-7th wheel. This held for a lap or two. Then I passed couple guys and one dude was glued to my wheel. I would lead him around most the lap, then every lap, like clockwork, he would draft me on the raod section, then slingshot past me. The road section is near the end of the lap, and definately the last prime passing zone. So, I knew that if this dude was going to draft>pass on the last lap, I'd have a hard time getting back around him so I said to myself "there is no way I'm letting this dude around me on the last lap." So on the last lap when we got to the road section I looked back, saw him there, stood up and dropped the hammer; also dropped the dude. After the road section is a short grass downhill, barrier, long grass singletrack, two barriers, then into the velodrome for the finish. So, having dropped the dude on the road, I jumped the barrier, then just didn' t look back on the grass single track and went as hard as I could to hold him off. It worked and I rode into the velodrome alone for a 4th place finish. It was a slightly bigger feild (27) than the last MTV race, probably due to it being nicer. Not a bad day.

B-Town CX tomorrow...

Friday, November 18, 2005

No workout

I didn't work out today. Day before race, so I took it off. Nothing to rpeort really, other than it's cold. I've been wearing tights under my jeans because on my ride to/from work it's really cold. I'mnot out much during the warm(er) part of the day, only at the cold(er) times.I'mgoing to go inquire about work at Avers Pizza tomorrow or the next day. It is listed as "weekend late night inside staff." So if that goes down I'll be out in the coldEST part of the night riding home. I'll need to get a headlight too. I use a tail light, but if I'm going to be out a midnight or so, I should get a cheapo headlight. I'll have to see what the hours are, then maybe I'll be a pizza man for a while too.
Look tomorrow for Major Taylor CX#2 report.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

A new low

I've reached a new low, temp. in which I've ridden, that is. Last winter Shane and I went out on a Sunday for an hour in 22-24*. Today it was 16-18*. True, November cold is different than JAn cold, but I still can't feel my feet.
The whole time I was out I was wondering: is there cycling in the Secial Olympics becasue I have to about be retarded to be out here.
I got a pair of Pearl Izumi Amfib tights and they're awesome. This is the coldest I will be out, realistically, and my legs were fine. I also got a pair of the wind block Pittards PI gloves w/ the cotton glove liners PI makes. Wore together it's a good combo for cold ass stuff like today. With a long sleeved base layer, a short sleeved jresy, long sleeved insulated jersey and my C-Dale water proof jacket, I was actually not too cold. My feet did get chilled. I owre a pair of summer socks under a piar of longer wool socks (assos), shoes and booties. That's just the way it goes, I can't were much more down there.
The Ride:
Yesterday I talked myself into riding trainer today. Later yesterday I talked myself into riding road. This morning me and my desktop weather tool talked me out of riding road, but into riding cross. I rode over to the football stadium and did some cross laps. It was actually good practice. There a lot of parking barricades to dismount and jump, grass hills to ride up (think of the one they sit on in Breaking Away) and staris to run up/down carrying the bike. I may make a weekly thing out of that. Other than looking like a tool jumping over stuff carrying your bike, it's a good time.
Gonna munch on some grindage then get to work.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

(s)no(w) way

It was snowing this morning! I got up planning to run and my desktop weather thing sadi it was 33* so I bundled up and went out yo run my 3.4m route. It started flurrying somwhere around 12-15 min into it. Nothing big, but snow? Man oh man. Nothing new to report. I've been ending all workouts lately w/ 200 sit ups. I do them in continuous sets of 10; 10 straight up, 10 to right, 10 to left, 10 w/ feet raised and 10 straight up. Repeat 4x. It takes less than 5 minutes and surley is helping w/ core.
So we dodged the tornado's again. We evacuated the bike shop and went across the street to the shelter @ Fountain Square Mall when the sirens went off. Although my feelings are with those affected, I'm glad we were not.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Rainy Tues.

It's raining this morning, rained last and is suppossed to rain all day. 2" is expected. I got totally drenched riding home from work last night. My upper body was dry thanks to my stlyish new Cannondale waterPROOF jacket. It's awesome. I have some water resistant hiking pants I can put over my jeans for today. But yesterday I wasn't ready for the rain an didn't have the pants or my fenders. It was decent when I left.
So I rode rollers for a hour today. Nothing hard, just spun for an hour. CB4 was on comedy central, so I had something to pass the time.
Lindsay had an interview for an IU job last week that went well. She go tthe call today that she didn't get the job though. She's upset about it, as she's been trying to work at IU since before we moved and it still hasn't worked out. I get upset about it too. She's trying so hard and not getting any doors opened. It'll happen for her (us).

Monday, November 14, 2005

Back on the road

I rode road today. It was cold (~36*) and I still feel a little sick-like, but I went anyway; I haven't been on the road bike since last Tues. I went short (~15m) and not hard by any stretch, just rode. I can't really ride hard even if I want to in cold weather anyway, all bundled up, plusit's just hard to make my body perform like that. Anywho, I'm feeling okay, so hopefully being out in the cold won't set me back any. I have a feeling CX racing this weekend may be painful. Such intense work at the tail end of a cold won't be a picnic. Oh well, I'm going to eat something and drink some OJ before going to work. There's rain and "flurries" in the 10 day forecast, so I may be riding indoors/running the next few days...

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Sunday morning

I'm feeling better, but not great. A little runny nose and some coughing. I haven't worked out since a CX ride Thurs. I think that's probably for the better. I've been trying to eat/drink good stuff to boost whatever will make me better. I volunteered to work today since I'm not going to work out and can use the $$ anyway. I'm usually working these 14-20 day strings, then taking a day off to race or soemthing. It's really not too bad; we're just slow so it's al ot of finding stuf to do.
My parents came last night and took Lindsay and I to eat for her birthday. We went to Puccinni's, a really nice, really good Itallian joint on 4th. It was nice.
I asked my mom to see if my grandmother was willing to hook me up witha coo-coo clock, given she still had one and would part w/ it. She was, and I got it last night. This thing rules. It sacres to pants off of my cat (campbell) when it coo's. He runs upstairs and doesn't come down for about 59 minutes, then it goes again. What a wuss.
Anywho, I think we're going to go hiking today @ Griffey lake. I want to do something outside, but not exert myself too much w/ this chest cold. CX racing next weekend, possible double header. That's Major Taylor #2 Saturday and the first in the Bloomington Underground/Bandit/Soma Cup series. Could make for a torturous weekend.
Unlce Sam=Unlce Scam.

Friday, November 11, 2005


It's Friday now and I started feeling sick yesterday afternoon. I ran 3.4m Wed and felt fine. I rode cross yesterday morning and felt like I was pulling extra weight around. I felt sluggish and slow so I did 3 laps of around the Wapahani lake (pond) instead of my normal 5 or so. I figured it was just due to the cold (it was about 34* in the a.m.). After being at work most of the day I started getting that scratchy feeling in my throat thatr always indicates sickness. I started chugging OJ at home and went to bed. I didn't sleep well and coughed a lot. I had planned on trail running this morning, but decided to stay in bed and rest, rather than go exert myself in the freezing temp. Hopefully this doesn't turn into full-blown sickness. I can't miss work. My car insurance (note: I drive my car once a week to the grocery and ride bike everywhere else) is going up. Lindsay has to be added as driver since we live together, so it's higher. That'd be great if I were paying for her insurance in the first place, but I'm not. We're applying for federal assistance to pay our untility bills, and my scam-ass car insurance bill is going up; and I don't even drive. Everytime that lady calls, I end up owing more money.
Got to get to work.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Morgan-Monroe State Forest

Man, it's almost 70* here this morning, so I rode the Morgan Monroe State Forest ride. It's about 35miles with Bean Blossom Hill smack in the middle of it. That's a long(ish), hard ride for the beggining of November, but I can't pass up this weather. It was a good ride. I expected to feel crappy, just due to the point in the season, but I felt good and rode good. The weather is suppossed to turn in a day or two, according to Brian Wilkes, Fox 59, so I want to ride when if I can.
Got to eat before working.
I'm wearing shorts to work today.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Major Tayor CX

Raced CX @ MAjor Taylor Velodrome today. What a hard course. It starts on the track an dodes a lap on the track. That's cool in and of itself, riding on the track even if it is on a cross bike. Anyway, the course has two run ups (one a no questions asked run up and the other would probably be ridable if I had more gear [I have a single 46t ring on front and a 12-25 in back]). The backside of the course has a long road section accented by a heavy tailwind today. After that though, is a pretty long grass section back into the same wind, only headwind this time. It was in the grass section on (I think) the 3rd lap that I inadvertantly attacked (took the pull and dropped the group of about 5) and rode myself into 2nd place. The leader was, for all practical purposes, uncatchable. So I'll take the 2nd. It was a cool day, no real sun to speak of and a damp course. It's a hard course anyway, but this made for a punishing 45min.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Griffey Lake running

I ran two laps at the Griffey Lake trail today. It's a 1.8 mile trail ( I think) with a hard climb at the begining and a real technical cescent at the end. I've been doing it once a week for the last few weeks for fitness' sake. It has been around 40* and cloudy eberytime I've been out, but today it is close to 60* and sunny, so I wasn't the only one there. There were two different people, each with two dogs on the trail. I got chased again! These dogs were 100% playing though, but still. I must have a dog magnet in my pocket lately or something. Anywho it was a good run, no side cramps and great weather.
Got to eat some protein and get to work.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Thrus cross ride to Wapahani

Rode cross bike today. We (Bloomington) have a 6 mile cinder trail that goes out of town south, then hooks up witht he rail-to-trail east for anpother few miles, and it dumps out right down the street from Wapahani MTB park. It's about a half hour out on cross bike, then bust a few laps around the lake @ Wap, then back. It's a good work out, good cross training and a nice change of scenery from the road.
It's a really nice day today. It's suppossed to get up to the mod 70's! It was close to 60* when I rode, super nice. Looking forward to CX race @ Major Taylor this weekend.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Racing at Terre Haute 2005 Posted by Picasa

Dog days of Fall

I was chased by 7 dogs today riding! I rode the Old Meyers loop and two dogs came out of a driveway on Old Meyers Rd. These two dogs alerted the dogs next door and 5 came out form the driveway! Non of them seemed vicious, or out for blood, but it's still a hinderance and these hillbilly's need to keep their mutts under control.
It was cold too. 36* when I left. I wore a jacket for the first time riding this season; and didn't get hot. Oh well, Indiana gets cold, I always seem to forget that (how convenient). At least I'm not on the trainer (although after running yesterday I did ride trainer for .5hr).
Cross tomorrow...

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Rainy Days & Mondays always get me down

Well, it's not Monday, but it is a rainy day. My plan was to ride my new loop, the Old Meyers loop. It's about 20m with three decent climbs in it (and one HUGE descent [down Boltinghouse]). A good short off season ride. Looks like I'll run instead and try to ride Old Meyers tomorrow, then ride cross either Thurs or Fri and trail run whichever day I don't ride CX. a go get laced up. Later--adam